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Holidays, kids and money

When you become a parent, there are two things that you will feel you can remove from your habits. The first one is having plenty of spare cash for future projects. The second one, as a direct consequence of the first point, is that you’re limited in terms of holiday choices. Indeed, as a parent, planning cost- and family-friendly holiday is one of those impossible tasks that even Hercules in his 12 extraordinary labours couldn’t dream to achieve. Nevertheless, with a bit of planning and some smart investments, you can manage to bring together having children, going on holiday, and having still enough money to cover for the bills and projects to come.

Holidaying as a family needs organisation

One of the first challenges you’ll have to tackle when you have children is to be able to take a holiday for the whole family. Aside from the cost factor, there are additional difficulties in terms of planning a vacation that fits the busy schedules of parents. So, needless to say, craving adventure isn’t quite enough to make it work. You need to plan ahead – some families start planning over a year in advance – to block both the time and the finances.

Long-term planning for all your holidays?

If you are a homeowner, you’re probably aware of the thought process that most tenants go through before they decide to take a mortgage: Why not transform the dead weight of rental payments into an investment in your future? Similarly, the same argument is valid for your holiday accommodation. You can take a look at properties such as holiday homes for sale Devon based, for instance. The British Riviera continues to be an attractive destination for holidaymakers. Ultimately, it could become an investment that pays for itself over time, if you choose to let it when you’re not using it.

Are you one of those camping addicts?

If buying a holiday property is a scary commitment, you can look for cost-friendly holiday alternatives. Booking a villa for the family can be expensive. But what about taking your family to a nature-friendly holiday with a camping experience? Camping can bring your family together, especially after a long year at school and at work. For a lot of children, the idea of being surrounded by insects, bugs, and wildlife is exciting, especially as a lot of them live in town. Additionally, camping lets you visit new regions at a small cost!

Can you save on the trip?

Camping, however, isn’t right for everyone. And it’s not a reasonable choice if you have young children in tow. Comparatively speaking, holidaying abroad can offer a cheaper alternative thanks to the currency exchange. However, travelling doesn’t come for free. But you can reduce your costs by replacing your flight trip by a road trip, for short to medium distances. As a rule of the thumb, you need to count a full day with regular stops to cross through France. You will need about two days to get to the south of Spain, and up to three days to reach the south of Italy.

Managing your budget, your family obligations and your holiday is no easy task. But you can use smart ideas to find the right compromise for your situation! In short: when’s your next trip?

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