Sunday, 11 June 2017

Last minute Father's Day ideas

Father’s day is less than a week away and if you’re like many, it’s just suddenly dawned on you and you’re wondering what to get for your hubby. While we’re sure that he will appreciate a card from the children and a day in his pyjamas, why not treat him to something extra special so that you all get the chance to show him how much Daddy means to all of you. Take a look at these last minute father’s day ideas.

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Buy him an experience day

Why not give the man in your life that’s so wonderful to you and your children the chance of a day to himself doing something that he loves? You can now buy experience day tickets for all sorts of activities, check it out:
-Driving an exotic car (what man wouldn’t like the opportunity?!)
-Having a tour of the brewery of his favourite ale. It’s an extremely interesting day and will also give  him the chance to meet like minded people.
-Adrenaline pumping experiences like skydiving or abseiling.
-Food and drink experiences. If he’s a lover of fine food and drinks, give him the chance to eat at a  gourmet restaurant.

Have a movie day

Part of being Dad is being able to enjoy spending quality time with his family, and if he’s a hard worker then it’s likely that he’s missing out on many precious moments with his children. Why not gather a bunch of cool movies, stock up on the salted caramel popcorn, and sit together as a family for a super relaxing and fun movie day? Sometimes the more simple things that you can experience are the best and most memorable moments in life.

Let the children decide

Gifts tend to be more sentimental if you can tell that someone has thought about you when buying you a gift. So, rather than picking out something from the children, why not give them a budget each and let them buy him something they think he will love? It could end up that you’ve got two completely ridiculous gifts, but it will mean more to him than carefully chosen ones by you. Let the sentimental value run here, and you’ll see how special these gifts will truly be.

Buy him something he needs, not wants

Finally, buying him something that he needs and not wants is another perfect route to go down. Men are often the type to make sure that everyone else has what they need first. Again, it’s a part of being a Dad. However, they do have a habit of neglecting themselves. So, rather than trying to think of a super cool gift to buy for him, why not buy him something that he needs rather than wants. Things like tools that might have broken recently, or even a nice new t-shirt to wear will make all of the difference.


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