Sunday, 25 December 2016

Make the front of your home beautiful

Your home is your personal paradise. It’s where you relax at the end of the day, where you plan your battles and work yourself up for the day ahead and where you are truly yourself. When you walk through your door, you start to switch off and unwind. Your home reflects your personality and welcomes up in. Taking a weight off your shoulders as soon as you kick your shoes off in the hallway.

But, why wait? When we sell a house, we give its curb appeal a lot of thought. The houses frontage gives prospective buyers their first impression and often sets the tone for the rest of the viewing. A beautiful front garden and entrance can gather much more interest and potentially a higher price when it comes to the final sale.

Again, why wait? We make the front of our homes look great when we need it to appeal to other people. But why not do it for you. A house with a beautiful frontage welcomes you and puts you in a good mood before you even reach the front door. It creates a home that stands out along the street and is something for you to be proud of and keen to show off. Here’s a look at how you can do it.

Clean it Up

A messy front garden, dirty windows and grubby brickwork will never be welcoming. You’ll never feel happy and relaxed looking at it. You’ll probably just start to ignore it altogether, focusing only on getting inside, cringing when you do take a good look around.

Spend some time cleaning things up. Hire a window cleaner to reach high windows if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself. A jet wash can work wonders on old and dirty bricks, and just a little TLC can do your front garden a world of good. Spend some time getting rid of anything that you don’t need, de-weeding and cleaning up what’s left.

Replace Your Door

Your front door is your homes hello. It’s one of the things people notice first and something that can easily stand out. You might just want to add your current door, frame, and seals to your cleaning list. But, alternatively, a new door from perhaps in a bold colour or design can make your home more beautiful and give it something that makes it stand out from every other house on your street. A new door can also improve the safety and insulation of your home.

Add Some Colour

Colour is always beautiful. Especially outdoors. Bring natural elements and colours into the space at the front of your home. If you’ve got a large area, consider a grassy patch. If not, surround what you have got with colourful wildflowers and shrubs or delicate flower beds. You could even grow up the front of your house to maximise the impact.

Add A Path

A path is incredibly welcoming. If you’ve got a large driveway or front garden, consider separating a small walkway to create a cool footpath to welcome you home. Check out these ideas[]=path%7Ctyped for inspiration.

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