Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Moving house with your kids, made easier!

Moving from one house to another is hard enough at the best of times. Cast your mind back to your student days when you had to move on your own; it was hard enough then with just one person to think about. Now, many of you may be starting families of your own and have children to contend with. This makes moving house a lot harder than it already is.

Bearing that in mind, we’ve conjured up some inspirational ideas to help make moving house with your kids a whole lot easier:

Pack Their Belongings Last

When you pack everything up to move home, it makes sense to pack your kid’s things last. Why? Because you give them as much time to play with toys and enjoy their room as you possibly can. If you pack up all their stuff straight away, then they may be sat in their room with nothing to play with for a few days before you actually move. Leave it to the last minute, and they can occupy themselves with toys while you deal with every other aspect of the move. 

Use A Removal Service

You may be weighing up whether or not it’s worth paying for a removal service when you move house. If you have kids, then it’s certainly worth it, purely because of all the weight that gets taken off your shoulders. There are companies like Grange Removals that sort you out with packaging supplies, moving all your boxes, and transporting them to your new home. This gives you fewer things to worry about, as all you really have to do is put your belongings in boxes and label them. Instead, you can devote more attention to your children, ensuring they cope well with this significant lifestyle change. 

Take Them To The New House Before Moving In

Sure, you probably want to move into your new house as quickly as possible. I bet you have some big ideas planned for the interiors, and can’t wait to get everything done. But, before you start moving in, make sure you take your kids to see the home and get used to it. Let them spend some time walking around the house, seeing their new surroundings, and coming to terms with their new home. It’ll make the first night in your house much easier if they’ve already spent time there.
Get Their Room Ready First

When you move in, you should ideally have your children’s room ready before anything else. Make sure they get to sleep in a room that looks like a bedroom. Ideally, try and make it look and feel like their old room at home. This will help them acclimatise better, and avoid sleepless nights in their new house.

As we said, moving house is hard enough when you’re alone, but even harder when kids are involved. However, it’s something most families go through at least once, so we thought it would help to see some advice that may make it easier. This should help your children settle into their new home, while also making the moving process a little less stressful for the adults.

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