Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The simple underpinnings of a beautiful child's bedroom

Your child deserves a beautiful bedroom to grow up in. This environment is going to be where they spend a third of their young lives after all, sleeping and refreshing themselves after a long day of learning how to be a person. Luckily, in a child’s bedroom, you can get away with many more creative ideas than you might do with an adults bedroom. You might desire deep down to have a fairy princess castle stencil around your bedspread, but your husband might not consider that an absolute priority just yet. However, a child should blossom from this kind of fantastical creative output, especially if they can become involved in some way!

A beautiful child’s bedroom should be a number of things. These virtues can help you shape the design of the room, and imbue the room with a sense of love, care and imagination. Those things as previously described are as follows:


A child’s bedroom should have enough natural light to feel open, to feel light and airy. This can help your child develop good sleep habits, as often resting in a dark, suppressed, tiresome room can impede how comfortable they are with sleeping. Natural light can be played with in design, as you might be able to paint with darker colors on the walls if hoping to implement creative and artistic drawing or stencils. You can control the level of light with wide vertical blinds. This light will offset certain decorations, and balance the room to look as beautiful as it was intended.


To explore how beautiful you can make a child’s room, consider the following: You have as much creative freedom as you like. Remember, one of the most important things for a child to develop is imagination. Not only does it help them play and enjoy life to a higher degree, but it can develop their intelligence, their reasoning, and their social ability. Why not help their personal space become a fantasy land? You might do so by using stencils, implementing beautiful surrounding skirting birds with patterns, implementing a novelty but comfortable bed, allowing one wall to be dedicated to their best art and achievements, or simply housing an excellent place for toys. This might mean an exceptional lego surrounding, or a dollhouse with adjoining false ‘street’. Creativity is king. Also your child some input here. It helps them feel a little more authority over their space, and that’s also very important for a child.


Of course, having a tidy bedroom is absolutely essential, and even more essential for child. The first space they will wake up in the morning needs to be tidy and well collected. You can help do this for them, do it entirely, or when they’re of a certain age ask them to help you. This can help them build good personal space habits, and help them get to grips with organizing. It might take time to reinforce this habit, but there are certain methods of doing so.

With these tips, you are sure to curate a wonderful bedroom for your child to enjoy.

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