Sunday, 28 September 2014

Why breakfast needs to be your weapon of choice

When you've got a growing family, energy and sustenance are two vital components. Even as parents, when we're all fully grown up, we still need that shot of energy in the morning to ensure that we are able to power through the day. While they say you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper, this seems to be the best way for us to get sufficient energy, but without a whole lot of weight gain. So, for a growing family, what are the building blocks?


Fat gets a bad rap and might not be in line with your health goals, but this isn't the disgusting trans-fats you get in microwavable meals we're talking about, this is healthy fats. Avocados, butter, nuts, and seeds should be part of a nutritious breakfast because it gives you mental fuel. People tend to forget that your brain is comprised of a lot of fat, and depriving your brain of this vital fuel means you will struggle to focus. You might have heard of bulletproof coffee, a winning combination of healthy fats in the form of butter, and caffeine from the coffee. The quality of the coffee is important because if you buy cheap, you will likely have a lot of caffeine-related jitters. It's ideal to go for the best freshly roasted coffee beans, so you've got a good quality drink at your disposal. Add some MCT oil, and you've got a winning breakfast that fills you up for hours!


Protein is the building blocks of our bodies. Generally speaking, if you are looking to build strength, you need approximately 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. For children, it's easy enough to do some scrambled eggs on toast, as it's a quick and easy meal in the morning, but protein is incredibly filling and we need it in abundance to do anything.


Vegetables seem to get short shrift at the breakfast table, but there are simple ways to get a good quarter of vitamins into your breakfast. An omelette is a great way to combine healthy fats, protein, and nutritious vegetables all in one place. It’s also very quick to make, and you can add pretty much anything you want into it. On the other hand, if eggs aren't your thing, a delicious tray bake is easy to make, by chopping up a load of vegetables, adding some meat, and seasoning it with mixed herbs, garlic salt, or whatever you want, gives it a fantastic depth of flavour.

Breakfast should be the most important meal of the day, but it seems to get ignored. If you have a long day ahead of you, it's important to fuel yourself. If you have a decent enough breakfast, you won't need to have lunch, and so, by making a great breakfast for you and your family, you will have the essential nutrients everybody needs. Whether your children need to study, or you need to have the stamina to keep going, breakfast should be your weapon of choice.


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