Sunday, 15 July 2018

A few little wishes

I love putting outfits together. When I go out on adventures, I love to think ahead to what i would wear. Which dress would suit the forest more or which floral skirt will be best for a meadow adventure. I love to pair straw hats or berets and little wicker baskets or leather satchels depending on the season. I adore vintage clothing and most of my clothes are second hand. I am one of these people that if I won millions of pounds on the lottery, I would still only shop on second hand shops. Could you imagine all the wonderful treasures you could find with all that money if you were let loose in all the second hand and vintage stores! Oh my goodness!!

I have made myself a little dream list of things that I would love to find in second hand shops this year.
- A leather backpack satchel. I have a shoulder one but would so love a backpack one also.
- I am always looking for floral dresses and skirts so that will never change!
- Tbar buckle shoes. These are so hard to find in shops and I love wearing brown tbar buckle shoes.
- I love a rusty/burnt colour and I would love to find some chunky knits in this colour to wear in the Autumn. I love to throw chunky knits over dresses or skirts and blouses.
- Blouses with beautiful peter pan collars. I love collars and in the Autumn and Winter, they look wonderful under knitted jumpers.
- Baskets. Always baskets. I don't think I could ever have enough!

If you had spare cash, what would you spend it on? I have many dreams such as vintage buckets for flowers in the greenhouse, gardening books that I have been lusting after and all of the David Austin rose bushes that I could fit in my garden. Sunlife have a dream shopping basket page that allows you to see how much some of your wishes could be. Take a look here.

My dreams are endless really but they are lots of little wishes (oh and maybe a week or so amongst the mountains in the Lake District as well as a cottage like Beatrix Potter's Hill Top Farm!)

I will always be the type of person that is forever dreaming about owning one extra metal watering can or just one more vintage flower dress!

(this is a collaborative post)

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  1. That pink dress is a dream.. If it were up to me I'd have a closet filled with floral, mostly rosey pink dresses, some in teal. I keep gravitating toward rosey pink wherever I go and have to remind myself that variety is important lol.. For me it's all about magical creative space with materials, and a garden. That's where my money would definitely go. I also love to treasure hunt in vintage and second hand shops, is a wonderful experience!



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