Sunday, 29 April 2018

4 best places for a city break

If you want to get away this summer but either money or time is letting you down, don't think that you have to completely miss out! With so many great cities to visit essentially on our UK doorstep (can we say RyanAir anyone?) that won't cost you the earth, why not check out some quick weekend breaks? Here are some suggestions.


One of the closest to home and technically a place you don't even need to take a passport to, Belfast is the first of our recommendations for a great weekend. With day trips to the Game of Thrones set locations, the Titanic Visitor Experience for a little history, and the Giant's Causeway for a spot of nature, there is plenty for you to do! And after all that sightseeing, why not spend your evening at one of Belfast's great bars or pubs, like Fibber Magees, Kelly's Cellars, or even Bert’s Jazz Bar? You are spoilt for choice for things to see and do, and barely an hour from home!


Want to put to use some of those French lessons you’ve been taking with Language Trainers to the test? Leave work on Friday afternoon and you'll be in Nice before it gets dark! The views are spectacular, the weather glorious, and the cuisine beats anything you might have been planning to eat back home. With day trips to the French Riviera that will give you the chance to soak up both the city-state of Monaco and the Medieval hilltop town of Eze, cultural tours to get to know the perfumes made in the area as well as sampling the best local food and drink, the only problem with a weekend break in Nice is choosing which things to do!


Croatia is growing in popularity for tourism, and with good reason. Dubrovnik is a city in southern Croatia that fronts on to the Adriatic Sea. It is famous for its distinctive Old Town, where you can spend your day looking at the ancient 16th century City Walls before indulging in a little shopping. You could take a trip further along the coast to Montenegro by minibus, or head to the Mostar and Kravice Waterfalls for spectacular views and photo opportunities. And with plenty of bars, pubs, and clubs to keep you entertained, you can get down with the locals and practise that Croation you've been crash-coursing in with Mango Languages—talk about a riveting weekend!


Our final suggestion is Kraków, a must-see city in Poland with a vibrant nightlife and plenty of history and culture to soak up throughout the day. Kraków is cheap, catering for everyone's budget. There are castles to visit, glimpses into Poland's history at Auschwitz if you want to make this an educational trip, and free walking tours that will take you through the streets of the former Jewish ghettos of Kazmierz, the market square, and the beautiful Planty Park. Brush up on some Polish lessons before you go with Rosetta Stone and make sure to eat as much pierogi and zapiekanka as possible while washing it down with craft beer and some vodka tasting tours!

There you have it! Four places that just before reading this article you thought were impossible! All it takes it a little know-how paired with smart budgeting. Who knows—maybe you can keep this up year round!

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  1. Great list! Belfast is definitely somewhere that I want to visit soon. Also your blog design is gorgeous



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