Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Sleep - Is your bedroom an oasis of calm?

Sleep is the most natural process our bodies undergo, so way is it many of us struggle to get a good night’s sleep? Do you wake up refreshed every morning following a good night's sleep, or are you similar to many others within the population and wake up feeling fatigued? There are numerous causes of tiredness ranging from not being able to sleep due to our environment to fatigue being caused by certain medical conditions. Our bodies need sleep to function properly, during sleep our body repairs itself and thoughts are processed. Making tiny adjustments in your environment may help and a visit to see your medical practitioner will rule out any medical causes. 

This article aims to highlight some of the most common causes of tiredness and how you can tackle them.

Your bed

Did you know that the average lifespan of a good mattress is 9-10 years? A poor quality mattress is even less. This is why it is really important to change your mattress as soon as it loses its bounce. A poor mattress can cause fatigue and aching joints, particularly around the neck and spine. Take a look at the range of Silentnight Mattresses available and test them out to discover one that is perfect for you.

Everyone’s sleeping style differs, so it is essential to find a mattress that suits you. Take your partner with you, it is possible to buy mattresses which cater for two different peoples requirements.

Choose a bed which is at the correct height for you, this will protect your back. Pillows are also important for a good night's sleep, there are different styles depending on how you like to sleep. You also have an option of fillings ranging from duck down to hypoallergenic manmade materials. Change your pillows frequently as they soon lose their support. Choose bedding which is made from natural fibres such as cotton. This will make sleep more comfortable as you will feel cooler.

Your bedroom

When nightfalls you need to create an oasis of calm in your bedroom. Tidy away all distractions and signs of daily life. Ensure the temperature of your bedroom is comfortable and many people like to sleep with a window open to avoid the room becoming stuffy. Lighting is essential in creating peace, install dimmer switches and have bedside lamps for reading.

Although it’s tempting to check out social media before sleep, it isn’t recommended. Remove screens and technology from your bedroom and relax before bed with a book instead.


This is where many people differ. Some people simply cannot sleep in silence and need “white noise” such as a radio playing when they sleep, others need absolute silence. Everyone is different and you need to adapt your environment accordingly. If noise is a real problem to you, consider getting some ear plugs - this may help if you have a snoring partner!

If you have tried adjusting your environment and you are still waking up tired or you are struggling to get to sleep in the first place, consider visiting your doctor.You are not alone, many people struggle to sleep soundly.

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