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Tips for creating the perfect guest bathroom

It’s great to have guests come to stay, and any good host knows how to give them a warm welcome. While creating the perfect guest bedroom is one thing, it’s good to be able to give your guests their own private bathroom so that they can feel happy and comfortable.

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Give your guests the welcome they deserve with these tips for creating the perfect guest bathroom.
Choose a stylish decor style that’s easy to maintain

There are some great ways to decorate your guest bathroom, but it’s best to avoid anything too fussy that you’ll struggle to maintain. Explore easy ways you can revamp your bathroom to create a stylish interior that will impress your guests.

Ensure everything’s in working order

You need to check that your bathroom is in perfect working order for your guests. If your guest bathroom isn’t used often, then issues might not make themselves known until it’s too late. Make sure that the taps aren’t leaking, the shower is working as it should and that the toilet flushes correctly. Get any issues fixed by a plumber as soon as you can.

Kit it out with luxury details

You can transform the look of your bathroom easily by adding in some swish new details. Take a look at the huge range of taps at the Tap Warehouse to choose from sleek and modern styles for your sink. Meanwhile, a statement mirror can really make an impact and give your guest bathroom a stylish feel. Luxury bathroom details don’t have to cost the earth, and you can pick up some great bargains if you look in the right places.

Splash out on the toiletries

Wow your guests by offering them a great selection of toiletries. From hand soap to shampoo and body lotion, there are some wonderful products you can surprise your guests with. Put them in some stylish dispensers that you can refill as needed or include mini versions that they can take away with them - just like when they visit hotels.

Boost comfort with hotel-style textiles

One of the best things about staying in a hotel is the fluffy, clean towels and inviting bathrobes. It’s those little touches that make your stay more comfortable, so why not treat your guests to the same feeling? Buy the best towels to ensure the best quality, and keep them looking and feeling their best by learning how to launder them properly.

Don’t forget those finishing touches

The ideal guest bathroom will ensure that all of the basics are covered, but it’s those little extras that people remember. From adding fresh flowers to chic candles, and even a toothbrush - your guests will appreciate those finer details you’ve added to make their stay even more special.

The perfect guest bathroom can add something extra to your visitors’ stay, and they’ll love coming back again and again. From the perfect decor to those additional touches, there are plenty of things you can do to create the ultimate guest bathroom.


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