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11 steps for a beautiful but functional home

Creating a beautiful but functional home is crucial if you’re going to live somewhere that suits your lifestyle perfectly. You want it to be useful for the people you live with, as well as look beautiful. How do you master both? Below are 11 steps you can use for a beautiful but functional home:

1. Think About How You Use The Space

Start off by thinking about how you use the space, and be realistic. Every home should be tailored to the people that live there. So, for instance, if you not only cook in the kitchen, but entertain in there, you’re going to want some high quality surfaces and seating. If you all like to sit in the living room together and watch TV, you need comfortable furniture. If you have regular family games night's, you’re going to want an area to do that. Consider what your family likes to do, how you use the space, or how you’d really like to use the space, and then make a list of what you think you need to do.

2. Make Sure You Choose The Best Lay Out

Rather than focusing on your furniture and things first, you want to simply focus on coming up with lay out ideas. This will give you an idea of any new furniture you need, if applicable, and how to design the space so that it looks the best it possibly can.

For example, when you walk into a room, do you immediately have to watch you don’t bump into a piece of furniture? This could be something to change. There should be clear pathways through each room, and you should make sure that you’re maximizing the space and usefulness in each room with your lay out. One mistake people tend to make is pushing their furniture against the wall. If you want your room to look chic rather than cluttered, this is a bad idea. You might think you’re saving space, but it actually creates a more cluttered look to the eye. It can give a claustrophobic feel!

3. Go For Functionality Over Aesthetics To Start With

Of course you want a beautiful home, but you should go for functionality over aesthetics to begin with. Make sure your home is functional, and make a note of what you must do to each room to make it that way.

4. Only Bring Something Into Your Home If It’s Useful Or Beautiful

A key rule to remember: only bring something into your home if it’s useful, beautiful, or both. Never buy anything for the sake of it. You should love and be able to make use of absolutely everything you buy in order to avoid clutter.

5. Choose Large Furniture Before Other Decor Elements

When you do start choosing your decor elements, choose your large furniture pieces first. You can put everything else around those, so select sofas, chairs, tables, and other large furniture pieces. When they are in place, you can place your other decor elements around them.

6. Pay Attention To Your Fittings

Your fittings can completely change the personality of a room. Take a look at your light fittings, for example; they could be modern, or you could go with something classic and expensive looking. Even radiators will make a difference, so replace those if you’ve had them a while. Places like have a large selection to suit your chosen decor theme. The smallest fittings can make the biggest difference in any home.

7. Don’t Clutter Up The Space With Visual Clutter

You want to avoid bringing in too much visual clutter. It might not be getting in the way, but it can still look cluttered to the eye and make a space feel too heavy and all over the place. Again, this is where the rule only bring something into the home if it is beautiful or useful comes in.

8. Choose A Color Scheme That Will Create The Mood And Atmosphere That You Want

Make sure you consider the mood and atmosphere you want when you choose your color scheme. For example, blues can be very tranquil, and can make a great color for just about any room in the home, same with green, as they are natural colors. Colors like red can be energetic and exciting, but they certainly aren't relaxing, so it’s best to have red in a room you aren't trying to relax or fall asleep in. You can use a color wheel to help you match or mix up colors effectively. Sometimes, contrasting colors can look amazing and will give your home a unique look!

9. Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Storage

Storage is key if you’re going to make your home as functional as possible. What do you need storage for, and where can you put it? In some cases, you can purchase furniture that doubles up as storage if you want to save space. You can get under bed storage, storage that goes under the stairs, or at the foot of your bed.

10. Include A Feature Or Gallery Wall

A feature, or gallery wall, instantly brings life and personality to a room. You don’t need one in every room, but it’s a good idea to have one in the lounge or living room especially. You can create height this way, and show off some of your personality and things you enjoy with the pictures you choose. You can put up pictures of your loved ones, paintings and drawings that you like, and even accessories that will look good next to the pictures.

11. Don’t Be Afraid To Mix And Match

Make sure you’re not afraid to mix and match to stop your home from falling flat. Mix various heights, textures, colors, patterns, and furniture styles to create a well-rounded, unique look that is all your own. Nobody else will have a home interior like you, and you’ll love how much it suits your lifestyle!

Leave any of your own tips and tricks below!

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