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Vacation advice: Ideas for planning a family adventure in Spain

Spain is still one of the most popular European destinations for families because flights and accommodation are cheap, and there is lots of do for everyone. However, if you haven’t been to Spain before, there is a chance you might overlook certain things and miss out on the most appealing attractions. With that in mind, this vacation guide will help you to ensure you leave no stone unturned during the planning stages, and your family has the holiday of a lifetime. Make sure you take your camera because there are going to be lots of photo opportunities, and you will want to document the trip so you can look back at your fond memories in the future.

Getting the best price for flights and accommodation

As with most destinations in Europe; how you go about getting the best prices for flights and accommodation will depend on your starting point. If you’re travelling to Spain from the UK or a mainland European country; you need to make all the arrangements at least three months in advance. That is when you will get the best deals on both flights and hotel bookings. People from other countries will benefit from waiting until the last minute to buy their tickets. However, that isn’t always the best strategy if you plan to travel with children because you might end up stuck at the airport for quite a long time while you wait for some empty seats.

There are specialist websites you can use that track the cost of flight tickets and hotels. So, it makes sense to check them out before you plan to travel if you want to keep as much cash in your accounts as possible. You can use anything you save to pay for more sightseeing when you arrive.

Visiting the historical and architectural sites

There are lots of sites in Spain of historical significance, and there are also many buildings with stunning architecture that you won’t want to overlook. If you’re struggling to know what to do in Madrid, Barcelona, or any other Spanish city; you should purchase a guidebook and visit some of those appealing locations. The City of Alhambra in Granada is a wonder to behold, and you should visit there if you have the time and ability. You might also think about spending a day at Tarragona which is an ancient city in Costa Dorada.

If you have any issues learning about the most attractive sites to visit; search online for more information. There are hundreds of travel posts that will point you in the right direction.

Eating out at authentic Spanish restaurants

The worst thing you can do as a family is spending time eating and drinking in British bars and restaurants in Spain with your kids. You’ve spent a fortune to transport your family overseas, and so it doesn’t make sense to avoid the local culture and cuisine. With that in mind, make sure you ask your hotel staff for recommendations so you can eat at decent Spanish restaurants every night during your stay.

Don’t worry too much about the difference in food because there is sure to be something on the menu that you will enjoy. Iberian belly pork is delicious, and it’s something everyone should try during a visit to Spain. Unless you’re a vegetarian of course. However, there are always plenty of dishes for people who don’t eat meat too!

Hiring a car so you can explore unhindered

The last thing you want to do is book a holiday resort in the mountains of Spain and get stuck there for the entire trip. Also, make sure you do not make the mistake of booking transfers from the airport because that is a waste of money. Instead; arrange a hire car to meet you at the airport so you can drive to your destination and enjoy the Spanish countryside. There are hundreds of different companies that will make sure a car is waiting for you outside the terminal, and that means you can explore Spain at your leisure.

The roads are reasonably safe, and so there is no cause for concern. If you have a car; you can go exploring whenever and wherever you like. That is the best way to enjoy Spain.

Now you know how to plan the best possible Spanish vacation with your family; nothing should stand in the way of creating lots of happy memories that you will never forget. As mentioned at the beginning of this post; you just have to make sure you don’t forget to pack your camera.

Have a fantastic time!

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