Thursday, 1 November 2018

A beautiful, seasonal change

Every summer, i am filled with so much inspiration for the little changes i can do around my home. Adding flowers to every jar and vase i can find, hanging fresh garlands in the window, adding more potted plants out the front of my house and adding more botanical prints on all the walls. I love being surrounded by flowers and prints and garlands and summer is when i feel like my home is at it's best. Fresh and floral.

After summer is when i look at making my home cosy. Ready for Autumn and then Christmas. Adding pumpkins, gathering up logs to keep by the fireplace and adding beautiful woven blankets to my sofas. I am constantly changing my house around depending on the season and i fall in love more and more with my home every year. I always have a long list of things that I would love to do in the house and Autumn always makes me want to capture that cosy feel in every room as well as that yearning to have wooden floors in all the rooms. 

We moved into our house nearly ten years ago. The whole of the downstairs is wooden and laminate floors. Elle has wooden boards and Mia has laminate flooring. The stairs, hallway and our bedroom are carpet and it is the top thing that I would like to change in the house. I love our wooden floors and always gravitate to the rooms that have it in. As well as changing the carpet to wooden floors, I wanted to share some other things that are on my long list of wishes for this house.


We currently have a lovely windowsill filled with potted plants. I am growing a little rose bush, the girls have basil growing and Gilles has some peppers growing. These will be moved outside in the next week and i would love to fill the space with a beautiful plant. I have an idea of finding an old milk churn and having a huge plant in that space. The sun streams in through that window in the evening and i couldn't think of anything better than creating a beautiful, floral space.


My bathroom is in need of a spruce up. I have hung a PJ Redoute print on the wall at the end of the bath and I would love to add a few more of his paintings to the walls. I have a faux rose bush in there also as well as a beautiful shabby chic mirror that I hang some of my favourite necklaces from. I have been filling the windowsill space with old bottles but I want to add some candles in there for the dark and cosy evenings. Over the next week weeks, I am going to go on a candle shopping trip and to also see if I can find some old botanical prints in the charity and vintage shops. 


In the Summer, my bedroom has lots of picked flowers in bottles and vases on the fireplace and on my desk but, as Autumn draws in, I love to replace them with dried roses and candles. I dried out lots of bunches of roses as well as heather in the summer and they are ready to be displayed now. I love to sit at my craft desk to do my editing and blogging and having my lamp on with some candles will create such a magical space in these darker evenings. As i mentioned, the main thing I would love to change in there is the flooring. I would love wooden or laminate flooring in there. 

(This is a collaborative post)


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