Sunday, 9 December 2018

Dream/goals/counselling and living

Last week, I posted a blog about self love and a few plans on how I am going to achieve that and make changes in the new year. I have been making notes this week as and when ideas come to me for little goals for next year and I wanted to share all the things I am going to do in 2019. This is my year. Last year was all about healing and finding myself and next year will be about living.

- Mama and girls night. An idea I had this week was to alternate a "date night" with each girl each week. I love spending time with my girls but I hardly get one to one time with either of them so i talked to them about doing an alternate weekly date night with each of them. They get to decide what we do such as cinema, dinner, a walk or just a movie night and sleepover in my bed. I am so so excited for this! I have told the girls to make themselves a list of things they might want to do and then at the beginning of their week, we will pick something to do.

- A wellness/positive/mental health instagram account. I would love to start a separate account where I shall positive things and a little of my wellness things I shall be doing throughout the year. A place to document my healthy lifestyle, share positive quotes and create a community of positiveness. I want to inspire people and be inspired back. In this account, I will be talking about my own experience with counselling (you can read more here), helping others with their own mental health, sharing recipes, sharing my own journey and sharing beautiful photographs to uplift and inspire.

- My style. I want my whole wardrobe to be full of lace dresses, long and floaty dresses and straw hats. I always feel like my true self when I am in a long floral or lace dress and a straw hat with ribbon tied into a bow around it. Straw baskets and tbar shoes. I want to hunt around second hand shops and vintage stores for beautiful outfits and feel pretty everyday!

- Vintage shop. Last year, I opened up my own online vintage shop. I loved it and still have it open but there are no clothes for sale in it now. One of my passions is to hunt for vintage things so I am going to go out on a big hunt in the new year and get my shop restocked!

- Be kind. This is something I am already working on. Being kind, always!

- Collecting beautiful moment films. The last two years, I have worked on my collecting beautiful moment films for my youtube channel. I want to make sure that next year, I make many more.

- Craft evenings. I did a needle felting workshop a few weeks ago and I loved it. I have really found a craft that I love and enjoy doing. I want to make lots of woodland creatures and will be setting myself craft evenings as well as having evenings with my best friend so we can craft together.

I am ready for the new year! I am ready for beautiful things to happen.


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