Monday, 17 December 2018

Travelling in nature

I love adventures. Being amongst flower fields, mountains, waterfalls, forests. I feel like I belong when I am among nature. In 2019, there are some travelling adventures that I want to go on and I have been writing a list of places and plans that I would love to do.

Peak District - In April, my best friend and her little girl are joining me and the girls on our first getaway to the hills and waterfalls. We are staying in the sweetest little cottage and I have been researching mountain roads, waterfalls and beautiful little villages to explore. To me, there is something so breathtaking about being up in the hills and mountains, away from the rest of the road. Listening to water trickle in the brooks and down the mountain sides and going higher and higher into the clouds. I cannot wait to be up there with the girls and to find magical little cottages in the surrounding villages.

Lake District - Two years ago, Gilles took me to the Lake District for a few days. We explored the mountains and we went to Hilltop Farm where Beatrix Potter lived and wrote. I would love to go back there in the late spring and show the girls all the places from the Beatrix Potter stories. They love the books just like I do and walking along country lanes, pointing out where parts of the book where based on is going to be so magical. I want to take us out on a little rowing boat and wear straw hats and paint in the hills.

Cheshire - We love exploring National Trust places and often spend our weekends driving around and visiting them. I have the app and have many of them saved in my 'would love to visit' section. There are so many that I love around Cheshire that have beautiful glasshouses and orangeries and I would love to stay there for a few days to be able to explore them, pretend that I am a lady of the manors and run around the gardens, bare foot and in long floral dresses. One of my self care promises to myself for next year is to treat myself to some spa/pampering days. I would so love to co-inside a weekend of running through gardens with a spa stay. I have been looking at spa hotels in Cheshire and Mottram Hall looks so wonderful. I am looking forward to planning a wonderful weekend of self care and doing what I love the best.

Cornwall - Cornwall is one of my most favourite parts of England. We had a family holiday booked there last year but my husband ended up working so we had to cancel it. I had already planned places for us to visit and coves that I wanted to go to. I have promised myself that next year, we will make it. Deserted coves, flower covered cliff tops and quaint little villages.

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  1. Oh, I absolutely love that second-to-last photo, the one of you in the soft sunshine by the sea. It is so perfect and peaceful. I can just see it on a 20x20 canvas on the wall. Just lovely. The one of your hat by the lake is very restful, also. (It's not that I don't love the one of your girls, it's just that this time, the other two are so moving to me! :-)



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