Sunday, 20 January 2019

A therapy letter

"You were standing there. Skin like the moon. Like milk. Your eyes looked so open and wide and trusting. A few ringlets stuck to your cheeks. Cheeks scattered in freckles. That heart of yours was so big, I thought it might burst with the love you had to give everyone. 
You stood there with the deer. The trees in the forest all leant into you. Wanting to know you. Wanting you to whisper to them about the dreams you had. Dreams of sailing ships on misty oceans. Dreams of carousels. Dreams of forest fairies dancing around at midnight. How they watched the moon fall in love with the sun every night. Those little moments before the world woke up where they saw each other. Flittering hellos. Goodbyes. That time you dreamed of girls with ribbons and dresses made of flowing silk, dancing down corridors of abandoned museums. Ghost girls. Girls that left a trail of glitter where ever they went. 
I held your hand. It felt cold. I wanted to keep you warm and tell you a thousand times that you would always be beautiful. To always love even though you might not have felt it back. I wanted to tell you that you would be safe one day. You would be able to smile and you would be so in love with the world that some days, you just couldn't hold that love in. I promise you that your heart is still so big. Always believe that. Always believe that no matter how much they will hurt you and no matter how many tears sting your lips, the world needs that heart of yours. You need to inspire people. You need to tell people everyday that they are beautiful so they don't feel any hurt like you have. Make them smile. Make yourself smile. Dance! Run through the forest with lace dresses on. Wear those flower crowns and if you need to lie on the floor to scream, then do. That forest will protect you. And so will the moon. 
You are so very much loved. You might not feel it but one day, you will know it and it is the most amazing feeling. Don't ever give up. Don't ever feel that you need to be perfect to make the world love you. You are already so many things that many people wish they could be. 
Be brave. Please be brave! You will get through it all. I promise! Fall in love with the moon. Fall in love with everything that makes your heart flutter like a tin drum coming out of your chest. Fall in love with yourself. You are beautiful!"

A year ago. A year ago I wrote this as part of a therapy session. I wanted to share it as I feel that most people could relate to some part of this. This was a letter I wrote to my younger self that I came face to face with during an intense hynotherapy session. It was a very surreal experience. Therapy for me has been such a blessing this past year. It is now a year since I started and it has helped me grow in more ways then I can ever explain. The growth I have experienced in just one year is more than I have experienced in many years of my life. I am so happy of this person that I am becoming and I am so grateful for this inner strength that is growing. Couple therapy and hypnotherapy are such an important investment and it is one of the best decisions I have made for myself in a long time. 

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