Sunday, 6 January 2019

Couple adventures

Gilles works away a lot. He runs his own business and can be away for weeks at a time working on theatre shows, building theatres sets and touring. It is so rare for us to have an evening or a whole weekend together and, when he is at home, we are playing catch up.

One of my big resolutions this year was to spend more time as a couple, to go out in the evening together and to go on another little trip together. Two years ago, he surprised me for my birthday and our 10 year wedding anniversary and took me to the lake district for three days. I loved it so much and I would so love to do it again this year. A few days away in the summer back up to the mountains and waterfalls. It is so important for me to stay connected to him.

I spent an evening last week coming up with ideas of things I would love to do with him this year. Just little evenings out and evenings in. I love doing "date nights" whether that is actually going out for a meal or making an effort at home to cook a nice meal and sit down together and talk. I sometimes feel that we are ships in the night and I love sitting down together and talking about what we have both been up to. This year I would so love to:

- Go to the Lake District again. It was so wonderful going two years ago. Even the 6 hour drive there was fun! Just singing to our favourite music and laughing together. I want to go out on the lake in a boat together and explore the mountain passes again!

- More date nights. Cinema, meals and long evening walks with the dog. I remember going to a pub together with our dog and sitting outside next to the canal. We had some food and then we walking along the canal path while the sun set. It was such a magical but simple evening and I love those the best!

- A date/adventure jar. I would love to have a jar where we both put in ideas for what we would like to do or where we would like to go and then when we do have our free time, we pick out of the jar for a surprise!

- At home date nights. I love cooking together in the kitchen. Gilles is an amazing cook. He trained to be a chef and can make amazing dishes where I am more the baker so I love watching and learning from him as he cooks. Sitting down at the table together and then watching a movie or playing video games! That has always been something we love. Mario Kart battles and races!

If you are in a relationship where you don't get to spend a lot of time together or your partner works away, I would really advise making wonderful plans for when you are together. I think things could easily unravel. There was a time that we considered couples therapy to make sure we were ok. I love the idea of both writing down 5 different date or adventure ideas and each time you have some time together, picking one out of the pot and doing it. I love the idea of the surprise and even though the plan is to be together, neither know what you will be doing. You then don't have that argument over where do you want to go to eat or what do you want to do and you both get to do the things you both love and enjoy.

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