Saturday, 26 January 2019

Flowers for therapy

When i imagine the most perfect day, I would always imagine it waking early and taking a walk to the market to gather flowers in the basket, putting them in vintage bottles around my house and then spending the day in flower gardens and old houses. I shall be spending lots of spring and summer days doing just that and I couldn't be anymore excited for them!

When it comes to mental health, I find that anything that involves flowers for me is therapeutic. Making floral crowns, hanging bunches of roses in my closet to dry out, arranging flowers in bottles and vases, picking flowers in meadows, lying among them, photographing them, pressing them, collecting them in baskets. They make me so happy and feature a lot in my every day life.

Each season comes with its own colour pallet and I find that my photography and clothes and decor change alongside it. I adjust to the pallet and i feel so content with allowing nature to have this say on what i surround myself with. I have been thinking more and more about how I want to do so much more to make sure I look after my mental health and wanted to share some ideas.

Evening walks - I live right by a lovely nature reserve and river and love walking along it in the evening. Watching the Heron fly across the top of the water and see all the flowers growing along the river bank. I want to make sure I get out as much as I can in the lighter evenings. Forest or river walks. I just cannot wait to make the most of every day before the sun goes down.

Therapy - I have been going to therapy for a year now and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The journey I have been on in the last year is incredible. There are so many wonderful types of therapy that could help you in your own personal journey such as hypnotherapy and couples/relationship therapy. It is an amazing investment and I am so glad I took that step.

A Sunday morning routine - I always wake up before everyone else on a Sunday and I have been thinking about creating my own Sunday morning routine while I have that time on my own. I have started a new skin care regime and have a few things that I would like to try also. I am going to have lemon water first thing followed by a little water of my rose bush on my bathroom windowsill. I want to then do a full skincare regime and use my jade roller and allow my skin to breath every Sunday. I am going to think up some other ideas for the colder months but I know that when the mornings become lighter and brighter, I will go and take my lemon water into the greenhouse and sit out there with some calm music on my phone. I might even start a little yoga in my greenhouse as it is one of my favourite spaces.

I am really looking forward to adding these little things into my everyday life and I know they are going to make such a big difference.

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