Sunday, 3 February 2019

A handmade nature journal

A couple of years ago, I started my very own nature journal. I was inspired by Edith Holden and wanted to document what plants and flowers i found and our adventure when we found them.

When i was gathering the snowdrops from outside our house yesterday, I remember it and I remembered how much I love documenting, painting what I found and writing about our lovely days. I found my journal and I loved looking through it again. I miss sitting down at my desk with my watercolours and a basket full of gathered treasures to paint them. I have told myself that this year, I will document more and I am so excited to see what new flowers and plants I can add to my journal. I want to buy a few more pretty notebooks to continue writing and adding too.

Journaling and writing is a form of therapy for me. I have so many different things that I love to do to keep on top of my mental health. If you are struggling or are looking for a way to keep your mental health in check, BetterHelp is an amazing site for online psychiatry to help you.




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