Monday, 15 April 2019

Poppy, Primrose and Pipkin

Adventures are my favourite thing. We often go on them a few times a week and love after school forest adventures. We fill the car with a picnic and off we go, exploring new gardens, meadows and woods. I love the freedom and I love creating these memories for the girls.

I learnt to drive five years ago. I have no idea what how I managed before that! I would walk everywhere with the girls and often dreamt about just being able to go for a drive somewhere different. When I passed my test, it was like a whole new world opened up and I was able to be free and explore and share magical places with the girls which is amazing for my mental health. For further help and advice, you can visit BetterHelp which offer counselling and therapy online

The reason I didn't drive before was because of the costs. I wasn't working as I was looking after the girls and I knew I believed that I wouldn't have been able to afford a good, reliable car as well as the insurance, tax and petrol. Cars were and are very expensive and we just didn't have the finance for it. Circumstances changed slightly and I was able to start lessons and, when I did pass, we were able to get a second hand car for me that was perfect. I was so worried about the expense, but I was so pleased with finding such a great car for not a lot of money! I called her Poppy! My first little car. Since then, I have had two other cars. Both second hand. Both amazing and reliable. Primrose was the second and now I have Pipkin.

Buying a car second hand has so many benefits. Firstly, the car will be cheaper which, in my case, was the huge positive! Car buying is such a huge financial burden so it makes so much sense to buy second hand. Tax is often cheaper too. Older cars are often in a cheaper tax bracket. I have also found that car parts are easier to come buy and are cheaper to purchase so when I have had to fix little bits on my car, I have saved so much money!

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