Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Plants and a bathroom design

One of my goals for this year is to freshen up all the rooms in our house. I want to repaint and look at flooring and just make each room that little bit more cosy and fresh. I really want to start with the bathroom and one of my goals is to fill the bathroom with real plants as well as a complete redesign. I want to have a few hanging plants and a bigger one on my window sill. I really love that nature/outdoor inside feel and the bathroom is one room where I really feel it works well. I have been doing a little research on ones that will thrive in that environment and I cannot wait to start adding adding them in and creating a really peaceful space.

My bathroom isn't that big but it is a lovely space and lets in a lot of light. In the late spring and summer time, the sun sets around that side of the house so I get a lovely golden glow in there in the evenings. Because of this beautiful light, I would love to utilise the space a bit more. I would love to have the bath moved to under the window and some cabinets added in. It is a small space so I would love to have more storage so It didn't look so cluttered. I would also love to add new wicker baskets in the bathroom as the girls are starting to accumulate their own bath and body products!

Even though I am a creative person and I am very good at the styling and decorating side, I am not good at knowing about changing layouts in a house and there are professional services that do offer this. It is defiantly a better option then me trying to do something like this myself! If you are looking for a professional to give your bathroom a styling makeover, visit this bathroom showroom in Harrogate and get a consultation from their designers.

I also love collecting miniature bottles and old medicine bottles and I am going to look at car boots and vintage shops for some more to add around the bathroom and rest of the house. I would love to be able to pop in flowers that the girls pick for me on our adventures.

There is also such a long list of things i would love to do in our house. I am always coming up with new ideas and love changing rooms and features around. I already have my list to head to the garden centre of plants I would like! 

(this is a collaborative post. all opinions are my own)

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