My creative story is a long one. Starting 19 years ago when i started my first blog and got gifted my first 1mp camera! I wrote stories, I took the grainiest photos of trees and i spent much of my time riding my bike through meadows to the windmill or walking to the river to sit in a tree and read.

My passion for photography and capturing beautiful stories has grown and grown over the years. I upgraded to a 3mp camera at the aged of 16 and then bought my first DSLR at the aged of 18. This was the turning point in my creative journey because I was able to capture what I could see in my head and i spent many days out on photoshoots in the meadows and woods with a self timer, a pair of fairy wings and a tripod! Fast forward those 19 years and I am now here, about to embark on my first creative workshop with my lovely friend Kyle from SuddenJourneys.

We have set out to create beautiful workshops starting with our first Autumn Orchard workshop in October. As well as the workshop, we have created a facebook group where all participants of our workshops can connect and help and support each other through their own creative journeys. In the Orchard workshops are all about spending time with other creative people, supporting each other and learning about creative photography. We want people to go away inspired and excited for their future with tools to help them achieve their own goals and dreams in what ever direction they wish to go in. We want to give you the environment to grow and we hope that these workshops will bring something different.

The Autumn Orchard workshop

At our very first workshop, we are offering a teaching and practical workshop. Hosted at Kyle's beautiful farm cottage in a little hamlet village on the cusp of Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire. 

When: 13th October 2018 9:30am - 4:30pm

Price: £75

The day:

-We will start with pastries, tea and coffee in the beautiful farm house. We will gather around a fire and get to know each other. Talk about our own creative journeys as well as talking about any basics you would like to know about your camera/photography and chatting about instagram/websites/social media. Kyle has 25 years of photography experience and I have 14 and we can both bring our knowledge and expertise on photography/instagram to the table. Before the workshop, we will be sending out a little questionnaire to get to know you all personally and to see what you would like to get out of the day. Anything you would love to learn or talk about and these will be brought into the morning discussion/teaching. It will be a lovely cosy, autumnal morning full of exciting and inspiring discussions.

Next, we will be walking to the beautiful orchard for lunch. Not only will this lunch be very tasty but I can guarantee that it will look just as beautiful. Kyle is such an amazing food stylist! We will sit and eat in the orchard as well as continue our chats. The orchard will be scattered in apples, have golden trees and we are hoping for a little golden light and mist! Fingers crossed. (If you have any dietary requirements, please can you let us know after booking your place)

After lunch, we will begin the practical teaching. As well as the orchard, there are three ponds and a woodland area as well as the lanes. We will have children and adult models (My two little girls and Kyle's daughter are getting in on the action!) for you to shoot and style. We will have an array of vintage props, apple trays, wooden ladders, vintage dresses, flower crowns etc for you to use in your styling. There will be lots of opportunity for one on one guidance throughout the afternoon where we can help you find your own style and work with the light and scenery. It will also give you an opportunity to capture some beautiful photographs for your own portfolios etc. We will be walking through the woods and orchard and you can also see myself and Kyle set up our own shoots and pick our brains on camera settings and ask any questions you like. This is going to be a really fun and relaxed afternoon. If you didn't want to use the models, you can set up styled shoots with the props or just shoot the landscape and scenery. There are no rules and this is all about giving you a beautiful space to create your own beautiful work in and to get any guidance you would like as well as working with other creatives to see how they shoot also.

We shall then make our way back to the farm house where we will have cake and you will leave with a basket full of little goodies!

We hope you love the sound of this workshop. If you have any questions before booking, please please don't hesitate to ask. You can email me at or message me on instagram (gingerlillytea) or Kyle (Suddenjourneys). We would be more than happy to answer anything you might like to know. If you think this sounds wonderful and you would love to attend, you can purchase your ticket below. We are limiting this workshop to 12 places. Please book your ticket before 1st October :)

Please email to book your place

In the Orchard Workshop


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  2. This sounds like my idea of heaven! sorry about the random MacBook Pro comment fat fingers pressed the wrong thing!

    1. Thank you Nikki. Let me know if you would like a ticket :) xxx



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