"A truly stunning farmhouse, set deep in the glorious rolling countryside, with the most beautiful decor, hospitality and people I've experienced, well ever! Hosts I am in awe of, photographically speaking and in the challenges and journeys of their personal lives. And guests whom I felt I clicked with immediately. I'm really hoping that these two wonderful women host their next workshop soon because I feel that other people deserve to experience the warmth I've felt." ~ Liz  (Lottiebrown_photography)

"Perhaps as we get older, we dim the light on our enthusiasm, just in case it's not shared by others. But today, there was non of that. We were all on common ground in the comfort of each others company. All our lights were shining and present. I cannot recommend the In the Orchard Workshops enough. It was far greater than I ever hoped it could be" ~ Donna (littleseasonsphotography)

"I'm literally bouncing off the walls right now, still on a high having spent the day with Kyle and Keri-Anne who hosted THE most incredible workshop. It has reignited a fire in my belly that never went out and i'm refocused, inspired and have more confidence in my work. Kyle and Keri-Anne were the most hospitable, warm and welcome hosts" ~ Amy (amymorrisphotography)

"I spent today in the most heavenly way and in brilliant company. Keri-Anne and Kyle were incredibly generous with their time and expertise and Kyle's food was out of this world. Their daughters were the most sweet and helpful models and it was a privilege to photograph them in such a beautiful setting. ~ Carolyn (under_a_northern_sky)

"Had the most wonderful day. I wanted the day to go on and on. The workshop was amazing, Met some inspiring women and delightful little fairy's, something I will treasure forever. Feeling all warm and fuzzy. I can still smell the apples and cinnamon spice that gently wafted through the beautiful home." ~ (weeedinburghfairy)

My creative story is a long one. Starting 19 years ago when i started my first blog and got gifted my first 1mp camera! I wrote stories, I took the grainiest photos of trees and i spent much of my time riding my bike through meadows to the windmill or walking to the river to sit in a tree and read.

My passion for photography and capturing beautiful stories has grown and grown over the years. I upgraded to a 3mp camera at the aged of 16 and then bought my first DSLR at the aged of 18. This was the turning point in my creative journey because I was able to capture what I could see in my head and i spent many days out on photoshoots in the meadows and woods with a self timer, a pair of fairy wings and a tripod! Fast forward those 19 years and I am now here, about to embark on my first creative workshop with my lovely friend Kyle from SuddenJourneys.

We have set out to create beautiful workshops with our first one hosted in October. As well as the workshop, we have created a facebook group where all participants of our workshops can connect and help and support each other through their own creative journeys. In the Orchard workshops are all about spending time with other creative people, supporting each other and learning about creative photography. We want people to go away inspired and excited for their future with tools to help them achieve their own goals and dreams in what ever direction they wish to go in. We want to give you the environment to grow and we hope that these workshops will bring something different.

A wildflower creative meetup

The wild flower creative meet-up will be held on the 5th April 12-4 and is open to anyone. It is completely free except the fee into the garden itself, which is £5. If you love being with other like minded people amongst flowers and listening to bird song, then this spring afternoon meet will be perfect for you. I really hope some of you can make it. It will be so lovey to just sit by the camellia bushes and stream and share dreams and goals and capture the dreamy flowers and I can share my favourite little spots with you. You can bring your camera or note book and just breath in the inspiration this afternoon will offer. For more details and to register, you can view the event on my eventbrite page. Evenley wood garden is in brackley in Northamptonshire 



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  2. This sounds like my idea of heaven! sorry about the random MacBook Pro comment fat fingers pressed the wrong thing!

    1. Thank you Nikki. Let me know if you would like a ticket :) xxx



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